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Earn More and Achieve Work-Life Balance

For so long a time, you’ve been doing the same old routine: get up, dress up, commute to work, get the job done, and call it a day. You go home, prepare dinner, spend some time with the family, and then – plop to bed.

When something goes awry along the way, everything else in the drill goes out of whack. Don’t you think it’s about time to finally consider earning more simply by working from home? Allow us to help you achieve the work-life balance you’ve long wanted to enjoy. 

Our Mission: Discover What Is in You

We put up Bennett Discoveries LLC as a response to the clamor of many people like you eager to work in an environment offering more flexibility. Now you can freely explore your full potential. The home-based business opportunity we offer is ideal for:

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  • Parents With Children at Home to Attend To
  • People With Spare Time to Use Productively
  • Pregnant/Stay-at-Home Moms and Aging Veterans
  • Professionals Without Personal Transport
  • Retired/Elderly People Happy to Work Again
  • Students Working Their Way Through College

Be the Boss

Working from home brings your professionalism to the next level as you join the ranks of the 21st-century workforce. As enviable telecommuters, you enjoy the convenience of being able to choose between working full-time and part-time as the boss.

Take Total Control

Pick the work hours you like and be able to attend to daily tasks at home. No more office dress codes to observe and best of all, you can skip the traveling to and from work completely. As a self-employed pro, you can now:

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  • Set Your Own Schedule
  • Earn About $200 - $600/Week
  • Get Paid Well Semi-Monthly
  • Work With Fortune 500 Companies
  • Shun Selling/Cold Calling Tasks
  • Forego Hiring Child Sitters
  • Hire Your Own Employees

How It Works

We partner with independent contractors to work from home as telecommuting representatives. These are home-based customer service specialists helping callers navigate processes or solve problems they encounter daily. All information and assistance are provided via phone conversations.

Enjoy Full Technical Support ​

Feel confident that although you are given ample leeway to operate independently, we will always be there to provide one-on-one technical support anytime. Contact us whenever you are encountering operational issues. We will be calling you back within 24 hours or less to provide the assistance you seek.

About Us

I, Charmaine Bennett, the CEO of Bennett Discoveries LLC, work only with the best and highly experienced call handlers in the industry. To make sure we are able to answer questions and attend to customers’ concerns, we transact only with a set number of people at a time.

Confirm Service Availability

Serving Fortune 500 companies using the Arise platform, our services are available all over the United States. For inquiries about availability in your area, call or email us.

Please be informed that the Arise platform does not work in the following areas:

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  • California
  • Connecticut

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  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts

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  • New York
  • Oregon

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  • Wisconsin

Make the Big Switch

Redirecting your career isn’t as easy as you imagine but with new options open to you, there’s nothing stopping you from doing so successfully. Engage us in conversation. We’d be happy to enlighten you more about the work-from-home process.

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